Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ivory Coast Bodybuilders

Here are some tough hombres, five Ivory Coast bodybuilders who competed in the "Woody 2007" bodybuilding competition. "Woody," as I understand it, means about the same as "tough hombre."
I was in Ivory Coast for a number of reasons. One was that I am known internationally for my fitness and physique photos. Because Ivory Coast has such good -- and totally unknown -- bodybuilders, I was trying to asssist them in getting known on the world stage. I also wanted to get photos for an eventual photo book of the country. And I have to confess that I really needed a change and a vacation.
Incidentally, the fellow in the middle of these five bodybuilders is Seid, the current Mr. Ivory Coast. The fellow on the left, Madou, just might end up as this year's Mr. Ivory Coast.


The Jockey said...

Nice blog!

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hunkster said...

Thanks for the trip to the Ivory Coast.
Very beautiful people.

You mention Madou - did he win the contest?